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The gallery will be closed for the year end on Sat 18 Dec 2021, 6 pm. 
We convey festive greetings to all.


as told by 3 artists

Jo Darvall, Gold Lotus 1, 2019, watercolor on arches paper, 56.5 x 76 cm.jpg

Jo Darvall (Austrlia)

Andy Yang.jpg

Andy Yang (Singapore)

Den Warnjing, Foggy Morning, 2021, watercolour on paper, 40.5 x 31.5 cm.jpg

Den Warnjing (Thailand)


Ang YianSann, Blackness is Not Darkness 1 and 7, 2016, ink on paper, 30.3 x 23 cm x 2.jpeg

Ang Yian Sann (Singapore)

Rudra Dev Sen, Woman with Flower I, 2021, Ink on paper, 56 x 35 cm.jpeg

Rudra Dev Sen (India)

Tian Mangzi, View of Earth, 2012, ink on paper, 36 x 108 cm.jpg

Tian Mangzi (China)

Den Warnjing, Plough Before the Rain, 2021, Ink on sa-paper, 42 x 55 cm.jpg

Den Warnjing (Thailand)

Frederic BergerCardi, The Untold Story, 2019, ink on paper, 75 x 72 cm_S$5,200.jpeg


Manoj Dutta, Tiger, 1992, mixed media on paper, 57 x 62 cm.jpg

Manoj Dutta (India)

Milenko Prvacki, Time, 1996, acrylic on paper, 45 x 59.5 cm.jpg

Milenko Prvacki (Singapore)

Lief Nilsson, Bali Beach, 1990s, acrylic on canvas, 68.5 x 100 cm.jpg

Leif Nilsson (Indonesia)

Yuriko Lochan, Trail of Eden, 1995, gouache on paper, 27 x 24 cm.jpg

Yuriko Lochan (India)

Tran Van Thao, Window, 2012, oil & acrylic on canvas, 60 x 60 cm.jpg

Tran Van Thao (Vietnam)

Suranjana Lahiri, On a Palanquin, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 76 x 76 cm.jpg
AA Rais, Temple III, 1990, oil on canvas, 49 x 59 cm.jpg

A.A. Rais (Indonesia)

Aboriginal artists, Eunice Napangati, Flowers, 1990, acrylic on canvas, 128 x 171 cm.jpg

Eunice Napangadi (Austrlia)


Wong Tze Chau_detail of Emptiness.jpg

Wong Tzu Chau (Singapore)