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Milenko Prvacki was born in 1951, Yugoslavia. Master of Fine Arts painting from the Institute of Fine Arts, Bucharest, Romania. He became a Singapore citizen in 2002 and is a recipient of the Cultural Medallion for Visual Arts in Singapore in 2012.


He was Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts LaSalle College of the Arts since 1994, and currently Senior Fellow of the college.


Milenko’s work is ‘painfully beautiful’ as described by his wife, when referring to the painting ‘Shift’ 2014. The first paintings by Milenko in Singapore were ‘Home’ and ‘Trophy’ when he was alone here and thinking of his family and of his works that he did during his early artistic days in Romania.


In 1996 Milenko took part in one of Art Forum’s first study trips to Bali and the later to India.


This was when Singapore was first introduction to Milenko’s works. We quickly realised that Milenko paints in beautiful colours (created from his own pallet) and onto the painting he incorporates his experiences, such as construction, Deserts of Rajasthan and Amber Fort (field trip to India).


Milenko’s memories build up over the years and so are his beautiful colours and stories.

Milenko Prvacki

Milenko Prvacki, Table, 2015, mixed medi
Milenko Prvacki, Rajasthan Desert, Const
Milenko Prvacki, Shift, 2014, oil on can