Charlotte Chin


Charlotte Chin artist image.jpg

Charlotte Chin was born in 1970 in Singapore. Earned a postgraduate degree in Fine Arts from Lasalle College of the Arts in 2017.


Charlotte’s works are refreshing and unpretentious, she ‘speaks’ from her heart. Her art records her encounters with nature weaving form and texture into her work.


Tiny plants flourish in thickest of jungles and depth of dark oceans. Her works consist of gentle mid tone colours as well as dark mysterious hues.


Excerpts from Charlotte’s diary reveals her inner thoughts that may have inspired her works

Charlotte Chin, Study in grey and orange.jpg

Study in grey and orange

Charlotte Chin, Overcoming difficulties.jpg

Overcoming difficulties

Charlotte Chin, Paper collage.jpg

Paper collage

Charlotte Chin, Some warmer hues.jpg

Some warmer hues

Charlotte Chin, Judi Dench about trees.jpg

Judi Dench about trees