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by Andy Yang

@ Art Forum Singapore


Art Forum is pleased to host The Virality of Chance, a exhibition of works by artist Andy Yang (b. 1973, Malaysia). Here, he lays bare his struggles with the vicissitudes of Singapore’s COVID-19 Circuit Breaker lockdown period. Accompanied by no more (and indeed, no less) than a diaristic journey through the artist’s mind, documented through personal journal entries and social media musings, these paintings offer searing insight into the pain, happiness and nuanced anxieties of life during a pandemic.

“Turning away from factual observation. Taking visible reality as nothing more than a point of departure. These ideas have been really helpful in creating new images during this part of my journey. Working this way has been a bit like walking into somewhere safe. A place where it’s so safe, that you want to just stay in there, and not return to your last destination. I may soon be in mourning for the loss of the peace and quiet which resulted from the lockdown.”

Andy Yang

"A discussion with a friend recently got me thinking about this inexplicable uneasiness in our ‘new normal’. This weird feeling lingering in the air. It feels like there is this heavy cloud that has yet to drop down on all of us. Who will be strong enough to survive the test?"

Andy Yang was born in Malaysia in 1973.


He is a multi-disciplinary artist known for his abstract visual and sound experimentations.  His explorations between visual art and music led him to the creation of art works under musical stimuli with The Observatory.


In Anitya1 2011 at Gallery of the Institute of Contemporary Art Singapore, LaSalle College, the process of his art making was exposed in full, from creation to destruction.  In the SAtheCollective 2019 featured at the ArtScience Museum, Andy’s work ‘Ceremony’, saw the artist celebrated various human emotions and experiences through an energetic sound performance, set against an elaborate visual art installation. Early this year, at DE:VOTED 2020 during the Singapore Art Week, Andy was one of the key artists who presented a critically acclaimed immersive art experience of intense communion with light, sound, and performance art.

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