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Andy Yang

Andy Yang was born in Malaysia in 1973. 


He is a multi-disciplinary artist known for his abstract visual and sound experimentations. 


Andy’s oil painting on canvas technique is unique, his brush strokes are gentle, often using various types of brushes made from natural hog hair or even his hands to capture the depth and movement of nature.


His watercolour on paper is no mean feat either, expressing the translucence and simplicity.


Do try to identify the kaleidoscope of OILS used on each canvas; Rose Madder, Brilliant Pink, Cadmium Yellow,

Turkish Green, Sap Green Lake, Titanium White, Cremnitz White and Paynes Grey.


Andy introduces a new water medium in his works on paper: coloured INK; new from Japan, manufactured from natural organic colours.


Andy Yang brushes 603KB.jpeg
Andy Yang oil sticks 362KB.jpg

@ Art Forum Singapore

Andy Yang in his studio

Studio Andy Yang at his studio high.jpg
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