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Ang YianSann


Ang YianSann 3.4MB.jpeg

Ang YianSann was born in 1964 in Singapore, Studied industrial design at LaSalle College of the Arts, obtained Master of Design (Industrial Design) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia in 1998. 


Won Top Award in the United Overseas Bank Painting of the Year in Singapore 1988


YianSann took up residency 2007-2010 in Vietnam and travelled extensively in Vietnam and surrounding region in his art research studies of S. E. Asian landscape and paintings before settling back in Singapore. 


Ang YianSann uses layers of colours to take his viewers on a journey of exploration; to experience the vibration and energy within the painting


The Sunflower painting began life as a ’mapping’ ground, YianSann referred to as the foundation of ‘red earth’. Suddenly, YianSann saw I AM: Sunflower ‘awaiting on a summer’s day in true blue violet glory’. YianSann. 

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