Mark Elliot-Ranken


Mark Elliot-Ranken obtained his PhD in art from Newsouth Wales in Australia. he has had solo exhibitions in Sydney, Newcastle and Darwin (Australia), and has participated in group exhibitions in Australia and Singapore. 

Mark Elliot-Ranken's works reflect the forlorn and 'far away' concept of open spaces of Australia.


'Inland (salt) seas are frozen in luminous reminder of pasts, too old to remember, but not yet forgotten either. Occasionally the waters would remind these seas how it is to be alive and brimming, from Lake Amadeus to Eyre from Torrens to Mungo. It was not a landscape frozen in paint or with possession one could not possess such an immensity. I learn a simple lesson; listen to the painting it will tell you what to do.’  Mark Elliot Ranken

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