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Jeremy Sharma was born in 1977 in Singapore. 2005-2006 Master of Fine Art LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore.


Jeremy Sharma’s art career began with his graduation show at LaSalle, 2003.

During his army days, he ‘painted’ with Shoe Polish on paper, memories of polishing his boots. 

Venice inspired Jeremy to present ‘Sea Slabs’.

Variation Series 2011 is based on the cerulean in ‘sea slab’. This extended to yellow as pale as it is golden – sunlight-hardened to a substance.


The Variation series was a daily record of finding that elusive tone of yellow and blue. I was interested in creating depth and space with simple gestures. They were my first ventures into fully monochromatic works. They were also significant because they were the last body of works that I painted with a brush."

Jeremy Sharma

Jeremy Sharma.jpeg
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