Jo Darvall was born 1966 in Yarram Victoria, Australia. 


Jo is deft and agile; she adapts her medium, technique and ethreal feel to meet her inspiration and always maintainng her delicate and luminous touch. 


Yallingup Beach W.A overlooking the Indian Ocean, Jo Darvall swims and runs with her dog every morning 


Jo Darvall’s Winged Realm is a mythical dream of shapes and forms of the lotus flower and bird like creatures… 


Images are imprinted onto a thin ‘winged’ like paper, by way of a print technique known as Chine-collé.

This film-like paper is so thin that it blows away in a breath and needs to be laid or supported by 100% rag Hahnemuhle paper.  


This luminous chine-collé print evokes an ethereal feel, thus creating Winged Realm.

Watch Marjorie explain in video “Painting with Oil (vs Acrylic)”

Jo Darvall