Janette Lucas


20th Century Australia-SE Asia Art relationship


MONASH University, Melbourne, from as far as back as 1980s has offered study of Indonesian language. Students who graduated with this language skill often live and work in Indonesia.

The close proximity of Northern Territory also attracted many Australian artists to take up residency in Indonesia.


Janette Lucas (born 1956 – Australia) was invited to work & exhibit in Indonesia. She set up house & studio in the city of Yogyakarta, central Java and presented several exhibitions; the first being a solo exhibition at the Ardiyanto Galeri in Magelang, later with shows in Darwin, Sydney and Melbourne. 


She continues to exhibit in Java and Bali.

The subject matter in her semi-abstract work  often includes chairs, cages, nets, interiors and architecture, using dominant lines and bold colours. Her hallmark striped deck-chair canvas often appears in her compositions.