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12 Jan 2017 onwards

Works by Frank Hodgkinson (L), 76cm (L) x 58cm (W) individually, are priced at $750 each.

Works by Ng Joon Kiat (R), range between 25cm (L) to 38cm (W) in size, are priced at $1,000 each.

Brolga Murrieta Biggibilla and Jeremy Sharma

Work by Brolga Murrieta Biggibilla (left), 50cm (L) x70cm (W) individually, is priced at $750.

Works by Jeremy Sharma (right), range between 13.5cm (L) to 22cm (W) in size, are priced at $600 each.

Works by Ling Yang Chang (right), 34cm (L) x 34cm (W) individually,  are priced at $900 each.

Works by Alun Leach-Jones (left) range between 66cm (L) to 57cm (W) in size, are priced at $750 each.  Work by an Anonymous artist, 52.5cm (L) to 75cm (W) in size, is priced at $750.

Works by Andy Yang range between 18cm (L) to 26cm (W) in size, are priced at $850 each. 

AA Rais and Budiage

Works Budiage (left) and A.A. Rais (R) , range between 49cm (L) to 79cm (W) in size, are priced at $700 each.

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