Art Forum deals in original contemporary and abstract art by established master artists in Singapore, India, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. It also features photographic and limited edition prints and 3D works. Established in 1971, Art Forum is Singapore’s oldest and most established art gallery.

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Featured Artists

Ang YangSann, Blackness is Not Darkness
Tran Trung Thanh, Tham Vong (ambition),
Yeo Shih Yun, White Tiger, 2017, silkscr
Jeremy Sharma, Sea Slab-with grey backgr

Jeremy Sharma, Singapore

Mark Elliot-Ranken, Fiction, 1997, acryl
Baet Yeok Kuan, Code Markings, 1999, acr

Baet Yeok Kuan, Singapore

Dewa Putu Mokoh, Offering, 1999, acrylic

Dewa Putu Mokoh, Indonesia

Arghya Priya Majumdar, Narcisisst II, 20
Badhan Das, Bram, 1995,  acrylic on canvas, 150 x 158 cm.jpg
Den Warnjing, Thai Rural Life I, 1995, m
Aboriginal artists, Eunice Napangati, Fl

Aboriginal ArtistsAustralia

Den Warning, Thailand

Ling Yang Chang, Red Cockcomb in Vase, 2
Tay Bak Chiang, White Tiger, 2014, acryl

Tay Bak Chiang, Singapore

Milenko Prvacki, Table, 2015, mixed medi
Goh Beng Kwan, Shaolin Temple-Henan, 201

Milenko Prvacki, Singapore

Goh Beng Kwan, Singapore

Wee Shoo Leong, Birdcage, 2006, oil on c

Wee Shoo Leong, Singapore

Do Hoang Tuong, Head III, 2007, oil on c
Shifang, Object Talk (intangible), 2006,

Shifang, China

Smat Suwannapong, Architectural Lines an
Sudarso, Seated Woman, 1992, oil on canv

Sudarso, Indonesia

Uday Mondal, Bare on the Glass, 2007, ac
Jo Darvall, Green, Red Lotus Graden No.2

Jo Darvall, Australia

India-Folk Art, Bihar style, Village Wed
Sheema Barua, The Universe, 2009, acryli
Andy Yang, Humble Beginnings, 2019, wate
Surasit, Temple Interior, 1980s, mixed m
Sourav Jana, A Stupa with Mural of Lotus
Tian Mangzi, Green and Brown, 2009, acry
Thavorn Ko-Udomvit, Symbols in Ritual, 1
Suranjana Lahiri, On a Palanquin, 2017,
Aming Prayitno, Brown Mask, 1990, oil on

Among Prayitno, Indonesia

Frederic BergerCardi, Trains of Thoughts
Ithipol Thangchalok, Sand Drawing, 1986,
Gill Hewitt, Tuareg, 1984, watercolour o
Helyne Jennings, Tessellation series III
Patrick Henigan, Cinema, 1999.jpg
Tran Van Thao, Orange Balloons, 2012, oi
Atanu Mukherjee, Woman and Crocodile, 20
Philippines Figurative, Teresita F.Dichu
RDS_Symphony, 2018, pigments on paper, 4
Do Son, Summer Time, 1994, oil on canvas
Kheng Li Wee.jpg
Takahashi Hiromitsu, Counting Beads, ste
Hamanishi Katsunori, Division work-57, 1
Toko Shinoda, World Fire, 2000, lithogra
Tsubota Masahiko, Line Black, 1991, silk
Kamin Lertchaiprasert, Observe, 2007-09,
Leung Kui Ting, Seed, 1980, marble, 14 x
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