Hamanishi Katsunori was born in 1949 in Hokkaido, Japan. He studied painting and graduated from Tokai University with a degree in Art in 1973. Since then, he has been living in the Tokyo area, where his primary focus is printmaking. Katsunori has exhibited in Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, Japan, China, USA, Canada, India and Singapore.


His prints’ appeal is obvious: Hamanishi has reached a new level of perfection. His subjects – twigs, branches, ropes, rice, kimono and tea room windows are presented in a three dimensional form on paper.


A lively abundant growth of rice, against the distant hill and glowing sunset, is overlaid by shapes of gold; fine detail contrasts with solid shapes that are enriched by bold, contrasting colors. Hamanishi has created a sumptuous image.


An elegant composition with a bark covered branch dividing two planes of blue and red.  Very fine mezzotint - excellent depiction of varied materials and use of light and shade.

Hamanishi Katsunori

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