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Born in Kanagawa prefecture in 1959, Hiromitsu graduated from Nihon University, Japan in 1981. His choice stencil technique is influenced by the ukiyo-e artists of the Edo period and that of Yoshitoshi Mori, a stencil print master artist.

Hiromitsu’s work captures colourful figures and stories of the Kabuki theatre.

Hiromitsu carves his image onto a waterproof stencil ‘paper’ and colour is applied through the stencil onto paper.

In 2023, his works were featured in ‘Kabuki Legends’ an exhibition presented at Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK. 

Watch Marjorie explain in video “Stencil and Photography”

Takahashi Hiromitsu

Takahashi Hiromitsu, Kiyomizu-dera, ed.1

an image for stensil printing

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