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Aboriginal Art and Traditional Batik

Visitors who have visited Art Forum recently and seen the two works on the wall and almost instinctively remark, "Batik"? It is an interesting observation. I read that Aboriginal art dates back 60,000 to 80,000 years and that it may be the oldest living art form. Today, contemporary Aboriginal art may be roughly divided into two types. One style of painting comes from the Arnhem region, east of Darwin. These works are interpretations of how artists see ‘the beginning of time', according to ‘Dreamtime', an Aboriginal account of traditions and philosophies based on their beliefs of how time begun. Aborigines used lines and patterns to recall the creation of the world, depicting their understan

Children's reactions to Indian abstract maestro, Badhan Das

I invited my family members over to the gallery for a dinner party during Chinese New Year and I was amused at the response of kids to the paintings in the gallery. My sisters’ grandchildren, aged 9 and 10 years, stood in front of a work by Badhan Das and they debated if it was $15 or $15 million. Their parents explained the meaning of the decimal point: it really depends on where the point lands. I’m not sure if the numbers concerned them. All they can say was, “it is so dark!”. That was a child’s reaction, but at least the painting caught their attention. The adults understand the ‘landscape’ for its vastness, translucency and poetry. This particular painting by Indian abstract Maestro, Ba

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