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Jeremy Sharma's Postcard Series 2011

Jeremy contiuned to pursue his interest in ‘ready-made’ material and surfaces in “readily-available images”. These works challenged him as he experimented with the “removal of self” and absence of expressions in his works. [Click to watch video]

The Shoe Polish Series

How does one get Jeremy Sharma to distill the first seven years of his artistic practice ? I asked art writer/filmmaker Patricia Chen to crack it in a 4-part video interview series to be released weekly: Part 1 : The Shoe Polish series 2003 Part 2: The Army Days and Sea Slab series 2003-2007 Part 3: The Postcard series 2011 Part 4: The Variation and Monochromatic series 2011 THE SHOE POLISH SERIES Jeremy ‘painted’ with shoe polish on paper for his graduation thesis in 2003. Why shoe polish? But why not? It is a type of oil. It brought back memories of his army days. [Click to watch video]

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