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Works by Jeremy Sharma, Milenko Prvacki, Goh Beng Kwan on show

On show currently at the gallery till April 7. Works by #JeremySharma, #MilenkoPrvacki, #GohBengKwan and #TanTeoKwang are many gems found in the exhibition, "What is Abstract Art?", involving 15 artists primarily from Southeast Asia. [Click to watch video]

Jiratchaya Pripwai's work at Art Forum

Come and check out Jiratchaya Pripwai, a promising artist from Thailand I'm showing now at the gallery at a show titled "What is Abstract Art?". [Click to watch video]

Goh Beng Kwan and Willem de Kooning

I chanced upon an article, 'The Rest is.... Know where, how and why to be quiet’ in the Christmas Double Issue of the The Economist (pg 106) and saw a work by Willem de Kooning, Untitled. It reminded me so much of Goh Beng Kwan's painting Blue City at Dusk, Jaipur. I know that Beng Kwan was in New York between (1962-1967) when Abstract Expressionism was at its boiling point in America. Inspired, I decided to call Beng Kwan in a few days ago. He said he had never seen that particular work before, and was surprised at how similar their works were - the emphasis on brush strokes, the symphony of colours they employ and how they allow the colours to “float” in space. Beng Kwan fondly recalled ho

Yeo Shih Yun’s Journey with ink, brush, pigments and silkscreen

Yeo Shih Yun’s art journey is filled with dynamism. Her success as an artist is due to her focused love for the brush, ink, silkscreen technique and nature. In 2003, I was so impressed by Yeo Shih Yun’s vibrant brush strokes that I immediately invited her to show at Art Gallery Association Singapore Group Show ‘New Finds’. Her work is refreshing and easily understood by all. Since then Shih Yun visited my gallery often; we talked about works by artists whom she admired: the style of the late Chua Ek Kay (Singapore), Toko Shinoda (Japan). Shih Yun admires "the basic yet strong quality of black as a colour, its boldness and infinite possibilities". So obsessed by the movement of ink, Shih Yun

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