18th Century English artist-migrants to Australia 


Since the beginning of the penal colony in 1788 and following the gold rush in 1850s, migrants from England flocked Victoria, Australia. Australian society continues to be influenced by its strong English heritage.


Patrick Henigan (1925-2018) was born in Staffordshire, UK. He arrived in Australia in 1950.  After working in coalmines and then active service in the British Navy during WWII, Patrick became a Franciscan Brother at the age of 25.


In 1971 in Brisbane, he had his first formal introduction to art and in 1976 he was permitted (by the Franciscan Order) to attend the Brisbane College of Art. 


Thus Henigan’s body of works were influenced by the ordinary and homeless men he encountered during his service as a Franciscan friar. 

Patrick Henigan