Hasegawa Yuichi was born in 1945 in Aizu Wakamatsu Fukushima Prefecture and began making prints in the l970s. He has exhibited widely in Japan, as well as in Germany, Finland, Singapore and America.


Hasegawa Yuichi’s lush, textural prints are created using a unique woodblock technique: Instead of carving one block for each color, the traditional manner, the artist creates his beautifully layered works with one block that he keeps carving, printing and effacing until he achieves his ideal image. This usually involves ten to 20 processes, perhaps one of the reasons his editions are especially small, sometimes eight or 10 and rarely more than 20.


Animated, angular shapes float over a silver, color enhanced ground; thin, colorful lines intersect and appear to fly across the surface, thus adding another element of action to this arresting composition. 

Hasegawa Yuichi

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