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A 3-day celebration exhibition

Heat from the Earth

by glass artist Peter Kane

Glass has fascinated mankind since the dawn of creation. The very first glass was black glass formed from volcano eruption during the stone age. Glass-making may have started before the days of Syria, Mesopotamia, and Egypt, before it reached India and China and since ancient times, glass has been made from sand quartz.

I met Peter Kane in 2017 and when I saw his works, I could not resist his glass art and immediately invited him to show in my gallery. Since then Peter has been working from two studios, in Langkawi and Johore Bahru.

The title of the exhibition was inspired by Peter’s elegant and simple glass work - hand blown, slumped and fused in glass kilns fired up to 800ºC.

This is a preview of some of the works in the exhibition.

Peter Kane

Peter Kane works exclusively in glass to which different basic techniques are applied, such as blowing, forming and casting. To supplement the basic work he adds variations, such as ‘spun spider web’, layer forming, ‘drop out’ and slumping. He works from 2 glass ‘hot shops’, one in Langkawi and one in Johore Bahru, Malaysia.

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