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Art Forum selects 7 artists for 2017

Lindslee, Phillippines ​ Jo Darvall, Australia ​ Ang Yian Sann, Singapore ​ Oh Chai Hoo, Singapore ​ Yeo Shih Yun, Singapore ​ Andy Yang, Singapore ​ Frederic Berger-Cardi, Singapore Lindslee – Lindslee’s canvases invite quiet contemplation. What he sees in his surroundings, he recomposes in his mind. Yeo Shih Yun - Shih Yun skilfully combines brush work with screen printing, resulting in new dimensions. Andy Yang – Andy's very energetic works are inspired by the vitality of nature. Jo Darvall – Jo is deft and agile with her medium and technique, always maintainng luminocity. Oh Chai Hoo – Chai Hoo artistically transforms landscape and calligraphy into abstraction. Ang Yian Sann – Yian Sann

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