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Etching, Drypoint and Mezzotint

Etching technique is making marks on a copper plate using a sharp metal point, followed by applying ink on the plate, then with pressure ‘press’ the etched marking onto paper. Examples are: 

Arpana Caur (India)

Kuroda Shigeki (Japan)

Nakazawa Shinichi (Japan) 

Tanaka Ryohei (Japan)

Chaiyanandha Cha-um Ngarm (Thailand)

Ithipol Thangchalok (Thailand)


Drypoint technique is similar to etching, except that the artist makes roughened marks (leaving sand like edges on the copper plates), thus the printed result shows a fuzzy edge. Examples are:

Clifton Karhu (Japan)

Sato Kyoko (Japan)


Mezzotint technique starts off by roughening the copper plate surface into what appears like sandpaper. Then the artist ‘carves’ his image into the roughened surface by removing part of the surface. Thus after applying ink on the plate, the ‘carved’ out spaces will not take up the ink and the ‘un-carved’ spaces will take the ink. Examples are:

Endo Mika (Japan)

Hamanishi Katsunori (Japan)

Vatcharee (Thailand)

This group of printing styles can be referred Intaglio.

Watch Marjorie explain in video “Talking Prints | Etching and Dry Point”

Watch Marjorie explain in video “Talking Prints | Mezzotint”

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