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There are vast realms of consciousness still undreamed of

vast ranges of experience, like the humming of unseen harps,

we know nothing of, within us.

D.H. Lawrence, Terra Incognita

ArtForum Marjorie Chu Oct14 Oysters

Presentation is everything.

Art Forum presents 'Terra Incognita', inspired by realms uncharted, featuring
Charlotte Chin
Cheryl Chiw
Nick Chin

The exhibition begins
Saturday 14 October 2023

for a limited period.
Opens daily 10am-6pm, including Sundays.

Art Forum
82 Cairnhill Road, Singapore 229684.

Parking nearby, next to house No.124

or ENV Building carpark Anthony Road.

ArtForum_CherylChiw_We Are Stardust_2023.jpg
ArtForum_Nick Chin_Pupa to Maturity_2023.jpg

Unravel the enigmatic, the mysterious.

Terra Incognita celebrates the spirit of endeavour that links the artists and the new generation of collectors supporting emergent art.

Recognising the synergy among the three artists, Marjorie Chu has assembled a unique showcase of their creations based on the theme of unexplored territories.


"...capturing the whimsical geometry and movement of nature."
- Charlotte Chin


Charlotte Chin weaves stories through her strokes, gestures, and restrained colours. Her paintings are the outcome of considered layering. She captures time as marked moments on canvas and paper.



"...seeing the familiar in unfamiliar ways."
- Cheryl Chiw

Cheryl Chiw sculpts with unique metal fragments, nature-weathered elements and foraged objects to create 'movement in stillness', poignant 'scapes' that reveal more upon deeper contemplation.

"...trying to push the boundaries of form and texture to reflect strange realms."

- Nick Chin

Nick Chin contorts his clay into forms that are at once unnatural, yet organic. His 'Strange Fruits' and 'Pupa' expressions, finished in expressive glazes, reflect his signatures - ambiguous and amusing.


Terra Incognita begins

Saturday 14 October 2023

for a limited period, till 29 October 2023.
Opens daily 10am-6pm, including Sundays.

'Terra Incognita' - show concept, content creation and spatial experience design by
Boon @

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