drawings & sculptures by

Jason Lim

sat, 7 may - sun, 22 may 2022

10 - 6pm

This 2-part exhibition comprises two separate series of works that have never been publicly shown : Drawings from the Under the Shadows of the Banyan Tree (2016) and recent ceramic sculptures completed just before he left for his residency in Norway. Through drawings and sculptures, Jason illustrates his love of natural and organic forms and proves how nature continues to be a rich resource and inspiration for his works.

‘Growth Series’ : Drawings 

Jason Lim’s pastel drawings reveal the energy of tree growth in search of light.

Using a mixture of ink and charcoal, the artist captures the essence of the banyan tree and his innermost thoughts and feelings.


Tree growth

Photo credit : Marjorie Chu

11. detail.jpeg

Jason Lim

11. Under The Shadow Of The Banyan Tree (detail) 

6. UTSOTBT 5 charcoal and graphite on watercolour paper 90x 152 cm 2017_1.7MB.jpg

Jason Lim

Under The Shadow Of The Banyan Tree 5  (detail) 

‘Growth Series’ : Sculptures 


Jason has been experimenting with crystalline glazes on clay bodies. 

It involves  ‘tweaking’ firing times and temperatures. It is not just a visual feast,

sound can be heard from the crackling of glazes too. It is a treat for the senses.

"Maybe, just maybe, the crystal flowers will grow. " 

Jason Lim