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Ang YianSann (b.1964) is a Singapore established, contemporary and abstract artist. He won the Grand Prize of the United Overseas Bank Painting of the Year  competition in Singapore 1988.


The Sunflower painting began life as a ’mapping’ ground, YianSann referred to it as the foundation of ‘red earth’. Suddenly, YianSann saw I AM: Sunflower ‘appears awaiting at the summer day in true blue violet glory’. YianSann. 


I AM: Sunflower


acrylic on vinyl 

147 x 138 cm

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Gracie Morton Pwerle (b.1956) was born in the Utopia region of Central Australia. 


Utopia is a community approximately 170 miles/230 kms northeast of Alice Springs, NT. Gracie has always lived a traditional lifestyle, her education involved living and surviving in a desert.


Bush Plum Dreaming
acrylic on linen

155 x 102 cm

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Jeremy Sharma (b.1977) 2005-2006 MFA, LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore.


The yellow painting belongs to the Variation Series 2011. Jeremy Sharma explains his search for colour: “I am interested in colour as an ideal, of evoking desire and finding that one elusive tone one can never grasp.” JS


Variations (Yellow Light)


oil on canvas

100 x 100 cm each


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