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Baet Yeok Kuan was born in 1961 in Singapore. He earned his Diploma in Fine Arts (painting) from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. And later obtained his M.A. Fine Arts from University of Central England, Birmingham, UK. Now he teaches in Nanyang Academy of Fines Arts.


Baet Yeok Kuan paints in solitude, his painting ‘Markings’ is a difficult work to understand. Baet explained that the markings are like slashes and scars on one’s body – memories or reminders. The painting represents his thought process of remembering as he muses alone in his studio. The gestures symbolise the confused environment that we are in, one that he cannot understand.  This painting reveals Baet’s sensitivity and wondering mind.


Looking at Baet’s sculptures the viewer is able to process what is undertaken to produce the work.  In making ‘Lotus’ Baet first cuts and heats metal sheets then curls them to form sculptural structures, without losing any of the character of the basic material.


‘Stalk’ is made by bending and welding mild steel a term used to for the type of metal that is hard and can only be bent by applying heat. Again with minimal handling Baet is able to achieve clean organic forms.

Baet Yeok Kuan

Baet Yeok Kuan, Code Markings, 1999, acr