Artworks from Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2019 

Milenko Prvacki (Singapore)

Milenko Prvacki, Time, 1996, acrylic on
Milenko Prvacki, Construction, 1999, oil

Hong Zhu An (Singapore)

Milenko Prvacki, Yellow Colours, 1999, o
Hong Zhu An, A Breath of Spring, 1998, p
Frederic BergerCardi, Accord Ciel Terre,
Frederic BergerCardi, Trains of Thoughts
Frederic BergerCardi, Happiness at Dawn,
Frederic BergerCardi, La Trace des Ans 1

Jo Darvall (Australia)

Jo Darvall, Winged Reaim, 2018, momotype
Jo Darvall, Gold Lotus 2, 2019, watercol

Ang YianSann (Singapore)

Ang YianSann, Dragonflies at Fort Cannin
Ang YianSann, I AM; Sunflower, 2019, acr
Jo Darvall, Green Lotus B, 2017, pigment
Jo Darvall, Lotus Assemblage, 2018, pigm

Andy Yang (Singapore)

Andy Yang, Turning the Tides, 2019, oil
Andy Yang, Visible Light, 2019, watercol