Affordable Art Fair 2018

It's Affordable Art Fair season again. This year, Art Forum is excited to be showing new works by artists Peter Kane, Yeo Shih Yun, Jo Darvall, Andy Yang, Frederic Berger-Cardi, Max Kong and Asish Nanda Sal.

Art Forum : Booth 3C-21

F1 Pit Building No, 1 Republic Blvd,

Singapore 038975


Thursday 15 Nov18, 6-10pm

Fair period

Friday 16 Nov 18, 12 noon – 9pm 

Saturday 17 Nov 18, 11am – 7pm

Sunday 18 Nov 18, 11am – 6pm 

Artists presented at AAF Nov 2018


Jo Darvall

Jo Darvall 863KB.jpg

Jo Darvall, an Australian from Perth, is a familiar name at the Affordable Art Fair. She always surprises us with new innovations.This year, Jo used Nepalese paper to create a classic lotus imagery. The paper is strong, yet soft and it seems as it is ‘floating’ on the Arches paper.

Jo Darvall, Winged Reaim, 2018, momotype

Jo Darvall (Australia)

Winged Realm, 2018 

Collage on Nepalese paper 

77 x 52 cm w

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Peter Kane

Peter Kane.jpg

Peter Kane works exclusively in glass to which different basic techniques are applied, such as blowing, forming and casting. To supplement the basic work he adds variations, such as ‘spun spider web’, layer forming, ‘drop out’ and slumping. He works from 2 glass ‘hot shops’, one in Langkawi and one in Johore Bahru, Malaysia.

Peter Kane, Peak-End Rule, 2018, kiln fo

Peter Kane

Peak-End Rule (2018)

Kiln-formed glass

5 x 38 cm

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Andy Yang

AY_Jaguar'17 1.4MB.jpg

Andy Yang, an all-time favourite at the Affordable Art Fair, is known for the vitality of his works which are inspired by nature. When he works, he involves his entire being in the making. One can describe this method as between control and chaos. This year, of the works I will be showing by Andy, one involves not only action but also the ‘eruption’ of colours overflowing over the edge of his canvas, finished with an energetic oil impasto. This is a personal breakthrough.


Andy Yang (Singapore)

One More Heart (2018)

Acrylic on canvas

15 x 30 cm w

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Frederic Berger-Cardi

Fred 1MB.jpg

Frederic Berger-Cardi continues to take Chinese ink painting to new levels. Working with a traditional medium, he uses shades of black and white with mesmerizing and atmospheric effects. His ink work now updates this medium for the twenty-first century. 


This friendly scientist-artist was so smitten by Chinese ink and brush work that he took up Xie-Yi ink painting in NAFA in 2000. He is also a hot favourite at Affordable Art Fair.

Frederic BergerCardi, Rumours from the P

Frederic Berger-Cardi (Singapore)

Rumours from the Past (2018)

Ink on paper, 70 x 70 cm w

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Max Kong

Max Kong 3.9MB.jpg

I have known Max Kong for some time and his patience and eye for detail are demonstrated in this very elegant work of a series of waves. The work is so beautifully rendered that the hardness of the wood seems to ‘melt’ away with the gentle movement of water.

Max Kong, Moving Waves, 2018, wood and a

Max Kong (Singapore)

Moving Waves (2018)

Wood and acrylic

46 x 48 x 11 cm

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Asish Kumar Maji

P1011732 2.jpg

I first met Asish on my last visit to Santiniketan was immediately taken by this bronze sculpture made from the lost wax method. I have never seen such a large and intricate work before, even in India. He got his Bachelor and Master in Fine Arts degrees from Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan, of which he is also an instructor. He has received numerous art awards and scholarships from prestigious art organisations.

Asish Kumar Maji, Future Beyond the Wall

Asish Kumar Maji (India)

Future Beyond the Wall (2010)

Bronze, 21 x 44cm

YSY 633KB.jpg

Yeo Shih Yun has admired the works of the late Chua Ek Kay and the great artist/calligrapher Toko Shinoda for some time. Following in their footsteps, her brush movement creates layers of depth and fluidity. In her works, one can trace of their influence.

For the works I will showing at Affordable Art Fair this year, she put aside her black brush strokes here and went on a new direction while retaining her expressiveness in movement and space.

Yeo Shih Yun, White Tiger, 2017, silkscr

Yeo Shih Yun (Singapore)

White Tiger (2017)

Silkscreen and acrylic on canvas

89 x 89 cm

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